Armok in Dwarf FortressEdit

Armok, God of Blood, is the name of the mythical godhead in Dwarf Fortress, around whom the game is loosely based. Some have speculated that the player is Armok, since the dwarves are slaves to the player.

According to the lore of Dwarf Fortress' prequel, Slaves to Armok: God of Blood, Armok is the creator of the world and the in-game explanation for the random world generation:

"Armok, the God of Blood, is just about the only constant in these chaotic random universes. A general sense of conflict keeps Armok appeased - when the universe becomes too boring it is set on the anvil of creation to be reforged."

"The destruction of the world by Armok will arise inevitably in most game worlds. As civilizations spread and the frontier closes, the world will start to look homogeneous. Armok, looking upon this decadence in disgust, will reform the world. Basically, when the universe has become too boring, it will be changed."

Armok does not appear as a deity available for worshipping in Dwarf Fortress worlds... yet. [Taken from Dwarf Fortress Wiki]

Armok in DFRPC

Armok can be summed up by His title "The God of Blood". Armok is exclusively worshipped by Dwarves. but little  know little about Armok in reality. Dwarves take the majority of their belief in Him from crypric tomes and ancient word, and so much of their beliefs are bar tales and often times just made up. Almost all Dwarves worship Armok, and though He is the God of Blood and Chaos, He is also the God of everything. This leads to many interpretations of Armok, some using Him as a justification for barbarism, and others simply worshipping him as "He who created everything". As such, these interpretations include (but are not limited to) worshipping stone (not to be confused with the Stone Cult), Stars, and the Mountain in honor of Armok.

Many Dwarves would say demons come from Armok's personal realm.