An OverviewEdit

Dwarves are hardy creatures fond of drink and industry. Dwarves in DFRPC are a hardy race and are geared more towards players who dream of grandious construction projects and a no-nonsense attitude towards invaders and concepts that don't include ale, gems, gold or profit!

The Dwarven play style offers a lot as far as construction goes, but the race's main concern should be the aquisition of material wealth and finely crafted items.

Naming Conventions:Edit

Short first name_Clan name.

Example: Snori_Hammerthrow

If at all possible try to group yourself into an already existing clan.
Name your belongings. (Elf cleaver etcetera)

Dwarven CultureEdit



A slight variation on an old Dwarven saying.

Dwarven ideology focuses heavily on communal support. Every Dwarf relies on every other Dwarf; your hammer is my hammer and mine is yours.

Whilst among lesser races this would lead to infighting and squabbling, each Dwarf knows their strengths and weaknesses and thus harmony is observed.

Except when it isn't.

Leadership and PositionEdit

While all Dwarves are equal some are more equal than others.

The Leadership Caste is as follows:

Overseer - Leader of the Dwarves, all Dwarves should look to him for guidance and direction within the halls. Prefering to be neutral, he is the tie breaking vote in all disputes.

Underseer - Keeps stocks of the fortress. Chief librarian. Quartermaster. Historian. The Underseer is appointed by the current Overseer, and acts as his second in command. Essentially maintaining the presence of authority within the halls.

The Hammerer - Goes around 'hammering' law breakers and miscreants. The Hammerer can also create laws if anything arises that he deems unfit for the Fortress

Engraver - Head of faith and engraver of decorations and symbols

Philosopher - Most useless person in the fortress.

Forester - Widely regarded as the bravest Dwarf in the fortress as he is responsible for the wood upkeep of the fortress.
Frequently leaves to gather wood from the forests. Elves don't like him.



The feast is over when the food is gone.
Get me more ale.
What are these green things?
Drinks consist of ale and whiskey, water is poison.
A sober dwarf is blasphemy (see Laws and General Knowledge).
Seriously, where's that ale?


Beer festival - Begins on the first day of The Dwarven (Winter) Solstice
Fortress day - The fortress's birthday.

Architectural Standards, Lads:Edit

It is well known that Armok forged the Dwarves from stone. Thus it follows that our homes be carved into the very rock of this earth.

(Dwarves build very limited above ground structures)


Angular designs tend are prevalent in buildings, walls and ceilings.


Use the right tool for the job.
Don't go further than your supports would allow.
If it looks a bit crumbly, don't tread on it.
Don't dig straight down.

General KnowledgeEdit

Axes are sacred among Dwarves. The axe is sacred and symbolizes his devotion to Armok. Thus sacred axes are to be something improved upon and kept pristine.

You can also use it to chop wood and maim Kobolds.

All Dwarves know the basics of SMS, Smelting, Mining and Smithing.

Sober Dwarves act like drunk humans.

Dwarven Law and BeliefsEdit

General religious beliefsEdit

Armok made everything and is the supreme overlord of all Dwarfdom and is the one true God.

He carved the dwarves from the very stone of the Earth and breathed life into them, so that they may bring glory to his name though grand halls and piles of riches

The Laws (and Punishments):Edit

Our halls are sacred, other races are not welcome within them.

Other races face death within our walls, those that invite them face a similar fate.

Murdering a Dwarf is a capital offence, unless in a duel of honour in which the loser MUST die.

Sobriety or beardlessness results in the immediate 'bestowment' of the title 'Philosopher', and all may refer to them as so. This will continue for a period of one week.

Complacency in one's duties results in clay gathering duty. Keep in mind this involves braving the sun and the deadly CARP.

Penalty for not paying one's taxes is punished by raised tax. Repeat offenders are subject to repossession.

Repeat repeat offenders are to be castrated by the chief blacksmith.

Production of inferior goods is subject to attendance of one of the Engraver's sermons.

Hammerer may come up with more laws.

Racial Interraction and AttitudesEdit


Elves oppose everything that Dwarves stand for.

Elves desire the world to remain as it is, preserving 'nature' and other such fallacies.

The only truth in life is Armok's will. Armok's will is that Elves suck ass.

Strong racial bias against elves should be reflected in roleplay. Trade can still take place so long as it is for the good of the fortress and benefits those bleeding heart hippy scum very little. Try not to trade things with wood to them, they tend to get a bit touchy.


Humans can be somewhat of a wild card. Most of them are impeccably stupid, so take advantage of them as much as possible. Whilst humans aren't to be treated with scorn as the elves, they still aren't dwarves, and so are inferior.


Kobold - Scum. Defend your valuables, lest they be stolen by these pests


Fear the cat, we will not suffer it's tyranny again.

Dwarven Mechanical Restrictions and Advantages:Edit


- Dwarves do not have any knowledge or ability when it comes to magic, and therefore don't have the ability to craft or use enchanting tables or beacons
- Dwarves cannot craft ender chests
- Dwarves cannot place saplings to regrow trees.
- Dwarves cannot use Enderpearls or Ender Eyes
- Dwarves cannot craft or use Leather Saddles


- Dwarves may craft special stone blocks (mossy, cracked and chisseled)
- Dwarves are the ONLY race able to craft diamond armor, weapons and tools