An OverviewEdit

Mankind is a diverse race spread across the world. Most of humanity is united under the Bernassi Empire, also known as the Empire of Mankind and the Imperium of Light, founded by the Sun Brothers many ages ago. Humans have laid claim to the new world, and they now hold dominion over the south eastern half of the continent.

Almost all humans in the new world live in and operate from Southbridge, an Imperial iron mining colony on the coast.

Human CultureEdit

Human culture is diverse, as humans are spread all across the known world. A great number of cultures fall under the banner of the Imperium of Light, and many countries still exist outside of it. In out of character terms, the human culture on display in Southbridge is standard high medieval European, and most human characters tend to be white and (as far as you can tell from a Minecraft skin) Caucasian. However, this and the information below varies from character to character: players are free to create non-bog standard European characters if they want: the server has seen Arabic and Germanic characters in addition to English and French ones.


The Empire is lead by a monarch, who is aided in his job by advisors and aristocrats. The current Emperor is King Andreas V of the House Audraugus. On a more local scale, the town of Southbridge is lead by a small council of elected Elders.


Most of the colonists in Southbridge European first names such as Frank, Charles and Wiltbury, while second names are a little more varied.

General Knowledge, Education and SkillsetsEdit

Most of Southbridge's inhabitants display a higher level of education than a medieval peasant. Skills like literacy, building and fighting seem to be common place, but this does of course vary from character to character. This decent standard of education is presumably because, in the high medieval setting, a vast Empire in which very few cultures are isolated allows for a much more active spreading and preservation of knowledge. Of course, some characters do have characterisation that imposes limitations on their characters (illiteracy, lacking knowledge on smithing or building, being unable to fight, etc.) but these are purely in roleplay.


A vast number of religions exist within the Empire, but the dominant faith is that of the Sun Brothers, Solaris and Hastes. They are believed to have founded the Empire, and many religions within the Empire have been incorporated into the faith of the Son Brothers: some religions, if similar enough, are treated as faiths following 'reinterpretations' of the divine duo, while some other gods are tolerated as lesser spirits in service to the brothers. Some faiths within the Empire remain completely separate from the religion of the Sun Brothers, and are tolerated should they do their best to offend no one.


Within the colony of Southbridge, crimes that benefit the individual rather than the community are punishable by hard labour. Acts that violate this law include stealing, hoarding and wastefulness.

Claiming positions that one does not actually possess, such as lordship, and repeated thievery are considered more serious crimes, and are punishable by a public beating.

Only the most heinous of crimes, such as using dark magic or murder, are punishable by execution.

It is also considered a crime to build on or mine land on the new continent without express permission, as this land has been claimed by the Empire and, as such, developing it without permission is considered theft.

Technology and MagicEdit

Human technology develops slowly, and is as one would expect from a high medieval civilisation. Humans are able to use cogs and gears to create mechanisms such as gates, and they have also mastered the magical mineral redstone for use in contraptions.

Humans have mastered the art of agriculture better than most other races. While it could be argued that Elves are more 'in-touch' with nature, this means they are afraid to reshape the land to fully take advantage of it. Humans plant and tend great fields of wheat, carrots, potatoes, melons and pumpkins.

Humans are not natural magicians. While a fair few go on to become magicians, wizards are not common and most of them perform very little magic which is very subtle or for the purposes of entertainment. However, humans are the only race with knowledge of the semi-magical art of alchemy, allowing them to create powerful potions.

Human AestheticsEdit

Humans tend towards above ground buildings that are built for purpose. In Southbridge, a house is a house, a bar is a bar, and a watch tower is a watch tower. Most buildings are made of simple materials such as oak and spruce wood, cobbled stone, and stone bricks and mortar. Roofs are sloped to keep water off, and are usually made of hay, but wooden planks and stone tiles are also used frequently. Houses tend to be one or two stories, with a below ground basement for storage.

Buildings of importance, such as temples and town halls, or houses belonging to wealthier individuals, tend to be larger and made of sturdier materials, including expensive clay brick and more uncommon woods like birch and acacia.

Human settlements are often walled, to keep out monsters, marauders and other undesirables. Walls tend to be of sturdy construction, usually stone or wood, with supports and watch towers dotted along them at regular intervals.

Players should keep towards a rural European style should they choose to build in or close to Southbridge: avoid aesthetics such as curved Asian roofs or tribal huts.

Mechanical Restrictions and AdvantagesEdit


  • Humans cannot craft diamond/adamantium weapons, armour or tools
  • Humans cannot work with lava
  • Humans cannot use enchanting tables


  • Humans are the only race that can brew potions using brewing stands and through RP means (with ST assistance).
  • Humans are the only race that can make compasses.