An OverviewEdit

Kobolds are a monster race within DFRPC. They are barely sentient, stone age intelligent creatures with a penchant for theft and trouble making, matched only for their propensity for short and brutal lives.

If choosing to play a kobold understand that the world is not in your favour, death will be dealt out randomly and for the slightest percieved insult of infraction. A kobold's life is one of a thief, scavenger and opportunistic ambusher, not a warrior or artisan, though as with all people the odd weirdo does exist.

Kobolds are, for lack of a better word, an antagonist race hell bent on survival in a harsh and uncaring world. Loyalty to your fellow bolds is not only common sense- it's a survival strategy.

Racial Features and Roleplay RulesEdit

Kobolds, as a race, are distinct in many ways. Most noticably they are between three and four foot tall at their absolute tallest, making them the smallest playable race. They often smell and are filthy creatures by dint of simply liking the smell of mud. Being truly clean is a novelty.

A Kobold's natural lifespan is between 6-8 years. Born from an egg, a Kobold experiences a short childhood and is then thrust into adolecence. If a Kobold manages to live to an old enough age to die a peaceful death in their beds, it is an achievement in and of itself.

Kobold age brackets:

1-2 Months   - Hatchling
2-6 Months   - Boldpup
6 Months to 1 year - Adolescent Pup
1 Year to 4 Years - Adult Kobold
4 Years to 6 Years - Elder Bold
6 Years to 8 Years - Ancient Wisebold

Kobolds are unintelligent. They simply don't get large concepts unless great lengths is taken to explain to them the idea. Even then they are prone to forget it, simply because it's too big an idea! This is not to say that a Kobold is stupid. Far from it. Kobolds have a base cunning that they use to their advantage, including using their relatively harmless appearance to fool the other races and their sneakiness to gain entry into homes that others would not think of.

Some Kobolds are violent, others peaceful, it is really up to the character.

Kobolds are OBSESSED with shiny things. Gold, Diamond, Magic, Glass, Obsidian, Iron. Fireworks recently have captured Kobold imaginations, where other races might find them and interesting diversion, a Kobold will gape in wonder. As a rule of thumb though, if it glints or is in some way novel, Kobolds want it. Badly. They have a racial kleptomania that will sometimes even override common sense. A Kobold will often become a willing laborer if promised even the smallest shiney item. All shiney items go on a communal "Shiny Pile" in the Kobold Warren.

To that end though, a Kobold's primary drive is survival, sometimes that means prioritising that pile of food over that bar of gold.

Kobolds are inquisitive to a fault. They will sometimes become obsessed with a person or thing.

Characterisation GuidelinesEdit

Kobolds, or "Bolds" as they are more commonly known come in various kinds, the most overt being either Furred or Scaled.

Kobolds generally have short names, sometimes uncomprehensible or unpronouncable (even to the kobold named) They will often shorten large names as it is easy to remember, much to the chagrin of long-named races like Dwarves and Elves.

Kobolds speak in a childish manner:

Example: "Hi dere. I is Sniffit an I am der sneekiest bold dat effer wus. Yu wunt an eggy? Not a bold eggy wur leetle bolds sleepsie, a chickum eggy for yums!"

Kobolds write in a similar manner

Kobolds do not understand written words, but will rather recognise the shapes that other races write with. an "Inn" means "A place where food is kept" and a "Bank" means "This is where shines are kept". Kobolds are not unable to learn how to read, but it takes time and requires someone who knows how to teach them..


Kobolds are unique in that they are the only race that may steal from another race's chest, including death chests without facing moderator reprisal. This in turn is a double edged sword as Kobold's may in turn be stolen from if killed or captured. the only exception to this is when shiny piles are raided by an adventuring party. A raid event must be organised so a moderator can oversee.

Contact moderators if you are ever unsure that a theft is legitimate.

Furred (Cute) 'Bolds or Scaled 'Bolds?Edit



Canonically Dwarf Fortress Kobolds are considered to be "Cutebolds", considered doglike in appearance and furred.

Kobolds are also known as scaled creatures and as Kobolds are considered to be a mongrel race of genetic dead-ends they are also permitted.

When deciding which kobold type to play, remember that all traits described in specifics on this page are still extant and are not specific to either sub species. Ultimately the choice is an aesthetic one, scales or fur, claws or paws.

The only rule regarding this choice is that the kobold player MUST use a server skin OR customise a skin from a server skin template.

Mechanical Restrictions and AdvantagesEdit


As a rule kobolds cannot understand how to create anything more complex that simple stone tools and do not possess the strength or intelligence to tunnel through much more than cobblestone. However, they do have a sort of cunning that allows them to use and appreciate more complex things, though the specifics of how they work can be explained with a shrug. To that end, kobolds cannot interract with anything other than crafting tables and furnaces for basic food and crafting and cannot break Stone or Sandstone blocks, or their derivatives. Everything else they steal - simply put they are scavangers who use primitive tools to survive.


Night Vision - A Kobold has the ability to utilise night vision whenever they wish. Simply type /nv to activate.

Speed - A kobold always moves as though under the effects of a potion of swiftness. They can outrun most mounts but be wary some breeds will run a kobold down.


The following are server skins and templates for your enjoyment. Feel free to customise them.

Male Cutebold

Male Cutebold

Female Cutebold

Female Cutebold

Male Cutebold Alternative

Male Cutebold Alternative 1

Female Cutebold Alternative

Female Cutebold Alternative 1

Red Scalebold

Red Scale 'Bold