The Sun Brothers are the primary gods for the Human Empire. Their names are Solaris and Hastes.

While there are many religions within the Empire, the Sun Brothers are credited with founding it and they are the most widely worshipped. Other religions and deities within the Empire are widely considered to be re- or misinterpretations of the Sun Brothers, and therefore tolerated.

A temple to the Sun Brothers can be found in the new world human colony, Southbridge.


Solaris is the more widely worshipped of the two Sun Brothers. He, along with his brother, led the humans to rid the world of demons. Solaris was the first Emperor of Mankind, and he led his subjects to form the Empire of Man, the Imperium of Light, which exists to this day. The religion of the Sun Brothers states that, prior to Solaris' campaign of conquest, humanity consisted of divided kingdoms and cities, constantly at war with each other, the other races, and demons. Solaris and his brother united the fractured human race and helped them drive out the demons and gain a foothold amongst the other humanoid races.

There is some debate amongst folk of the Empire as to when Solaris' divinity came about, depending on which religious and historical records are looked at. Some claim that Solaris and his brother were divines who descended from the heavens to help mankind, then returned once their job was complete. Others state that Solaris and his brother were men who gained such power and influence that they ascended to godhood either during their lifetime or when they died. Indeed, some religious texts state that Solaris 'became the sun.'

Solaris is the god of the sun and a god of war, and it is considered good form to state "mighty is he" when Solaris is spoken of. As a god of war, clerics, priests and other holy men of Solaris are allowed to commit acts of violence should they be deemed righteous, such as the execution of a murderer or slaying of a demon.

It is traditional to represent Solaris through the colour orange, and with the image of a sun or cross: this is how he is shown on Imperial flags.


Hastes is often considered the lesser of the Sun Brothers. Hastes is believed to have less power than Solaris, both in terms of physical strength and divine influence, and he never served as Emperor. However, Hastes is thought to have been the wiser of the two during their time on the earth, acting as an adviser to his brother and mentor to mankind.

Hastes is the god of the harvest and the weather. He is responsible for the growth and well being of all the nourishing crops and plants on this good earth, and is credited with gifting humans the skill of alchemy. Holy men of Hastes tend to be more patient and, some would dare say, less zealous than holy men of Solaris. Hastes is often represented by the colour white, and imagery such as rain clouds, flowers and bushels of wheat. He is usually represented in Imperial flags as the white background.