The Temple of Armok is a temple dedicated too all aspects of Armok. It is located at Norizin Thakom, and specializes in worshipping the Stars and Aspect of Armok.

Overview of TempleEdit

The entrance to the temple, A long and tall hallway, is covered in lapis lazuli depicting Ancient Dwarven language.

The Temple of Armok in its current form is seperated into 7 layers, The Void, Auriga the Charrioteer, Scorpius the Scorpion, Cancer the Crab, Aries the Ram, Hel (Armok's realm) and Armok respectively from bottom to top. Each level depicts its respected aspect in an emerald and stained glass mosiac on the ceiling. 

Aspects represented in the Temple are said to appear to mortals in their respected title.

The VoidEdit

The Temple preaches The Void was first before all, save for Armok. The void is said to be infinite by many, but it is often argued the void must have an end, or otherwise Armok would not destroy the Universe as often as he does. Indeed, priests argue that Armok's boredom would be saited if he had an infinite playground, but this is all speculation.

The Void is the first Daughter and child of Armok, and is enemy to all others aspects of Armok, as their very existence destroys Her.

The Void gives Her blessing to the outcast and unfavored.

Auriga, the Charioteer Edit

Aruiga is the second daughter of Armok, and the second daughter. Auriga, the Charioteer is the aspect of change and movement in Armok. She brought movement to the void, with entropy and chaos. Auriga facilitates all movement, chaos, and events in the universe. It is Auriga who sates Armok's hunger for Chaos, and will intervine within the universe so it stays effectively entertaining for Armok. Many worship Auriga for this sole purpose, for she is the only aspect who is displeased with this destruction save for Cancer. There is controversy about Auriga's more sentient nature. Some argue she is kind and often tries to dessuade her father from destroying the universe with empathy, and some argue she is just a tool for Armok. Reguardless, she is the chaos that allows order.

She is enemy to Cancer. She is friend to Scorpius and Aries.

Auriga favors the chaotic above all else.

Scorpius, the ScorpionEdit

Scorpius is the first son of Armok and the third child. Scorpius is the aspect of Death and Blood. Scorpius was created, like all aspects, to entertain Armok, but he is said to be the most gregarious child. Indeed, Scorpius' purpose above all is to entertain Armok through death, blood, and instigation. Scorpius is the schemer, the warrior who draws first blood, and he is the reaper that takes the unfortunate souls of his machinations and otherwise. It is said Scorpius disguises himself as great kings and warriors for the sole purpose of creating more blood shed. Above all, Scorpius lives to entertain Armok, which is often done by playing with mortals using the deadliest of ironies.

Scorpius is infatuated with the Void, and is friend to Auriga.

Scorpius favors the fool and bloodthirsty over all.

Cancer, the CrabEdit

Cancer is the second son of Armok, and the fourth child. Cancer is the aspect of all that keeps the universe together. He enjoys order and rigidness; stability and predictability. Cancer is slow and careful, but hardy and wise. Cancer is said to prefer solidarity and peace, and therefore it is in his nature to enjoy order. Though Cancer is one of the youngest children, he is said to be the oldest in spirit; wise, contemplative, and plain. Cancer keeps the story of the universe going and sensical, and therefore entertains Armok.

Cancer rarely interferes with mortals, instead constantly petitioning his fellow Aspects.

Cancer is friend to Aries, and enemy to Arigua.

Aries, the RamEdit

Aries is the third son of Armok, and his fifth child. Aries is the aspect of direction. Through the chaos, Aries drives and manages the story of the universe. If Scorpius is a character in Armok's tale, then Aries is the story teller. Aries manages all mundane stories in the universe, in the effort to create a sufficient "setting" for Armok. Aries is the aspect of the common man, and he is the keeper of fate. Above all, he is stubborn and willful, and his will is reinforced above all, save for Armok's. Though Aries generally plans out the fate of most mortals, he does not control them explicitly, and thus sometimes his will is interpreted in strange ways, but in the end always fulfilled.  Some argue Aries is compassionate toward mortals, having seen their workings for so long. Furthmore, Aries, being the youngest aspect, is the least developed.

Aries is friend to Cancer, and enemy to none. Though some priests speculate he has a growing contempt toward Scorpius.

Hel (The realm of Armok)Edit

The realm of Armok. Armok always sits upon his throne, and thus it is appropriate his realm rests below him. The realm of Armok is mysterious, and little is known of it.


The top of the temple, roofed by the sky, is dedicated to Armok. Here, His blood flows around the alter, and His sacred direction, North, is enboldened by a grand Blood Shrine. It was on this alter before Armok the artifacts "The Fist of the Northern Stars Reforged" [Adamantine Sword] and a set of adamantine boots and carrot stick "Auriga, the Charioteer" were forged.

Direct petitions to Armok may be made from this alter.