A Portmanteau of the words "Dwarf" and "Golem"

The DwarlemEdit

Before the dawn of the remaking there was a great unbalance in the way of things.
The grand design of Armok was disrupted by the foolish doings of mortal creatures.

The proud and respected Dwarves of old, forged in the
fires of Armok's forge, designed and moulded into the tool of His desire, had fallen.
The proto-dwarves were said to have been made to craft the world to perfection,
moving mountains and laying waste to forest to give way to barren, transcendent purity.
In doing so the Dwarves came to know the outsider races. Of Elves, Human and many other.
The Dwarves lost sight of their purpose, and in that capacity, they failed
the demands of Armok.

It came to pass that Dwarves took to trading with the outsiders, interacting with them,
rather than obliterating them as their design should have demanded. The Dwarves grew
greedy, seeking metals and artifacts as a common Kobold. Complacency became rampant
as the truth was lost in the annals of history. Knowledge and worship of Armok
Himself deteriorated, as the Dwarves ceased to fear a God that would not command their

A great anger brew within Armok. To think that his very own creations had fallen
so far was a disgrace to his abilities. The wrath of Armok soon became prevailent
as the heresy of the Dwarves' stagnated society resulted in the sundering of
the old world.

The cataclysmic event saw the end of the material world as was known.
All Dwarven souls were taken to the great forge to be re-built.
It is said that Armok poured his wrath into the flaying of the Dwarven souls.
So great was his anger that upon bringing them to be reforged, they were virtually
destroyed, leaving only the core perfection that every Dwarf still had within them.
With this he remaid the Dwarven race, proud, bold and stoic as ever.

Armok knew however that his creations may one day fail him again, and so he took the
ideals which he ingrained into every Dwarf, and forged another race from purest
sacrosanct Adamantium.
From this great procreation came the Golem Protecters of Dwarfkind, the Dwarlem.

Within each Dwarlem He imbued a tenet of Dwarven life.

Kromnir, for Leadership and War

Magnus, for Prosperity and Security

Daelor, for Faith and Knowledge

And countless others, each representing a unique part of Dwarven life as Armok had

Upon creating this pantheon of Demigods, Armok sought to begin the world anew.
In doing so He sent the Dwarves to learn from the Dwarlem, so that they may be
ready for their renewed purpose upon the earth; preservation of Armok's perfection.

Now the world is reborn and the Dwarves remain steadfast to their cause under the
uniform guidance of the incorporeal Dwarlem. The shrines of Dwarlem ensure the
continued allegiance to Armok and his plan.

Never again would the Dwarves lose sight of the truth.
Never again would they falter in their purpose.
Dwarves are perfection!
Strike the Earth!